Thursday, July 7, 2022

Don't Worry. There are more!

 Potential Virginia Mass Shooters Were In US Illegally, One Deported Multiple Times, Police Say

They got lucky when they caught these two. There are a few million more out there who want to do the same thing.

What are the authorities going to do when those few million get the word to band together into the army they already are?

25 men,working in co-ordination with each other, could bring this country to a standstill in the matter of one week, in my opinion.
What could a few million do?


  1. Us 74 million or so hunters, ex military, ex cop and pissed off rednecks can take care of that problem by taking away bag limits, sex and size limits and no ROEs.... problem solved in a week. Remember,, skin color is your uniform.