Sunday, July 24, 2022

Yosemite's Oak Fire explodes in size; Governor Newsom declares emergency

This fire is about 60 miles north of me. This morning at 9am my wife and I smelled smoke outside. Smelled like someone had just dumped water on a fire.

At 1:24 pm I don't smell anything outside. Last I heard this fire was about 12000 acres. 

I don't know who gov newsom and the media will blame this fire on. I am glad we don't live in the mountains. 

Down here where I live the only fire worry we have is the several fields of almond trees they have pushed down and let dry while they make room for the new houses that will be going in. Assholes.


  1. Everything is an emergency. If they cleared brush like they should , there would be no problem.

  2. Sounds like Delhi with the almond trees. That is exactly what they wanted to happen, they knew when cutting funding for fire mitigation, wild extremely big fires would happen. You know they pocketed the money.

    1. Looks like mother nature is taking care of cleaning the brush out naturally. While they sip their ice teas.