Wednesday, July 13, 2022

How oil is formed

Oil formation 

I went on a net search to find an article on how oil is made.

I found this one and decided to share with you.

If this article is accurate it seems to me that some smart scientist somewhere can come up with a process that would allow us to artificially make our own oil and natural gas.

Hell, I could start a gas station and fast food joint called Vern's Place. Come on in, eat some beans, get gas in more ways than one.


  1. Not buying it. I'm more of a fan for a Abiogenic petroleum theory.

    1. I am with OlsSarg... abiogenic, the only way this much oil and NG is produced. A lot of "Programming" is going to be rinsed out of people to finally get that they and us have been lied to from the cradle. An agenda, always an agenda and not to benefit the common man.

  2. "a process that would allow us to artificially make our own oil "
    several years ago the Navy published a paper showing they had developed and tested a "sled" (read small portable device) that could turn sea water into jet fuel.
    it used electricity to break down sea water, then recombined those elements into, among other things, jet grade fuel.
    the idea was to allow nuclear powered aircraft carriers to generate fuel for their planes using excess electrical power from their reactors.
    another argument in favor of building more nukes for our power grid....reliable electrical power, and green fuel for our vehicals.

  3. Syntrolioum company was bought out years ago that turned natural gas into diesel I think. I had bought shares and made money. Got out on the buyout.