Sunday, July 10, 2022


 Do news headlines ever piss you off?

They do me. Sometimes.

LOL: Denzel Washington Skips Medal of Freedom Ceremony with Brandon

Now, when I first read that headline, I thought to myself, ole denzel must be a rightwing rabblerouser and he is not attending that shitshow because he is a patriotic american who won't be seen with dementia addled joe and the hoe and that bitch megan rapinoe.

But, apparently, I would be wrong.

Somewhere down in the story it states he did not attend because he had a positive covid test. Now, that's a lot different than what I had envisioned.

So, if that is the case, why embellish the headline like that? See, that makes me kind of like that line in the movie erin brockovich, Now that just pisses me off!


  1. I actually used to like him, as a really quite good actor, and then I noticed that every part he plays is ... a re-written white 'part' (with added raciss commentary e.g. the anti-white book plug in Equalizer 2). Once noticed, you can't unsee it. (Don't start me on the whole re-write every successful white normal male part as women/black/gay 'thing' going on now - it's almost like they have nothing themselves, are in reality nothing but parasites*).

    I've seen a number of his comments that 'seem' reasonable and reasoned, but I judge a person not by what they (when benefiting) say, but what they do - and he's just, yet another of the legion of, Hollyweird/black mercenary narcissists.

    I've watched one 'modern' movie in years (Extraction, quite good as it was made for Indian audiences - who like the rest of the real world don't like that PC crap, and even there they just 'had to' include a token super-girl character, not just as good as, but better than the men).

    Expecting someone, anyone, as an 'elite' in any sphere to 'not' be compromised/corrupt today is asking too much I fear.

    (* I'm a big sci-fi reader, and considering my background - military sci-fi and ... it's even started to creep into that genre, with supposedly 'our side' authors lining up to include ar$e-kicking female,black and gay characters inappropriately included just for the PC credit.

    I feel ... old!).

    1. I don't like it that political correctness is creeping into everything. Pisses me right off. But, then again, there isn't much these days that doesn't piss me off.
      If you would like to read some non politically correct stuff, try this page: