Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This sounds really suspicious to me.

 Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Alleged Rape Of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl

So, roe v wade happens. Grandpa joe goes on national tv and blunders his way thru a statement about abortion. Supposedly a 10 year old girl is pregnant and has to get an abortion, but can't get one in ohio due to the recent roe v wade decision.

So she goes to indianapolis to get one. And that's all anyone is talking about. No one is talking about how did a 10 year old get pregnant and why hasn't that person been arrested.

And that question was brought up a few times. Investigations were done and NO ONE in the state of ohio has ANY knowledge of a rape of a 10 year old. Except she had to be 9 when she was raped.

But NOW all of a sudden when people start questioning this narrative, they arrest somebody. An illegal alien.

This all seems pretty convenient to me. How much time elapsed between the rape and abortion? Why wasn't something being done then? Wasn't a socalled day after pill available to stop pregnancy? And how can a 9 year old girl get pregnant--is that even possible???

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  1. it is obvious that 1. she is not really 9; 2. her mother is prostituting her