Sunday, July 31, 2022

It's time to ban free speech by democrats

 Here Are The RINOs Who Voted To Ban ‘Assault’ Weapons

I think that what? 90% or more of mass shootings have been done by democrats.

So if we apply their logic, how about if we ban free speech for democrats?

I mean, democrats using free speech to hate on republicans and freedom is what is causing these mass shooters to mass shoot, isn't it?

Democrats are using free speech to promote hate. Just look at any house or senate hearing and you will see that.

I thought there were laws against hate speech. But I guess not for democrats.

That idiot maxipad waters used free speech to call for violence on republicans when they went out to eat. That idiot hakeem jeffries says maga republicans are evil. 

Why do they get to call for violence on people like me?


  1. The problem is voters assuming anyone who runs as a GOP is honest. One of the strategies the left uses is to run one of THEIR PEOPLE as a GOP candidate in those districts they know they can't win as a Demonrat. There are countless quisling's in the GOP who are at their core liberal commies pretending to be conservative.