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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Chinese kids learn to fire mortars

Primary schools will focus on cultivating love for the country 

I watched the video, and I wonder if this is a 1 day event for the kids or maybe a one week camp. I would be surprised if this was an all year type of training. On the other hand, maybe not so surprised.

But look at us here in the former usofa. What are we doing?

DoD announces new Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

First openly trans US Army officer arrested as ‘Russian spy’

So while the united states is AFRAID to let school children know about rifles and guns in general, china is teaching their kids how to fire mortars at us. China is teaching their kids to love communist china, to love socialism, and to hate america

.US Army Misses Recruiting Goal; Other Services Squeak By

While the other countries are teaching their kids to kill us what are we doing? Hell, we can't teach our kids to hate this country fast enough. And partially because of that we can't reach recruiting goals. And so requirements to enlist are lowered. What happens to our military because of that? 

And why the fuck doesn't our military train every goddamn day? That's what they are there for, is to train and be ready to fight at a moments notice. Fuck this diversity bullshit, teach these kids how to kill a commie for breakfast.

But, instead. The former usofa is PRAISING coast guard swimmers one day, then FORCING them out of service because they are not vaccinated. How many Navy seals were kicked out due to vaccination refusal? How many Marine Recon? How many Rangers, etc?

What the fuck? The asshole administration and democrats in particular, with help from rinos, are deliberately fucking our military in the ass without benefit of lubrication. Why? They hate this country and they hate you. They want to kill you me and your grandmother. And right now china and russia and iran and venezuela and god knows who else are setting that very thing up to happen.

Our economy is going to collapse. If not this year then surely next year. And the military from foreign countries is ready to come in and take us down.  Hell, at LEAST a hundred thousand military age fighters are ALREADY in this country, well armed and angry at america and americans, and are more than ready to kill the Great Satan.

And we teach our kids to fondle drag queen penises. 


  1. This Economic Region is not the nation you were told it was when growing up and throughout your productive years.

    Sorry to let you know, but it never was.

    Thank you for your service.

    1. Not sure what you mean by that. But in my formative years America was a great country, none better. Now, due to the largescale efforts to bring us down, she is having problems. "Never was" is a flatout nontruth.