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Thursday, October 6, 2022

If there was ever a time to start prepping, that time is now.

 US Buying $290M Worth Of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use In "Nuclear Emergency"

War Breaks Out As "OPEC+ Takes On The Entire West"

These stupid motherfuckers think they can survive a nuclear war. The location these stupid motherfuckers congregate in is probably where the first bombs will hit.

EMP may be in the cards for some of these nukes. Farraday Cage. It's what keeps your electronics from frying in an EMP situation. Metal garbage cans work well I hear.

I can't find the link but I read a piece recently where some idiot thinks WWIII will be good for stopping climate change. Something about cooling off the earth.

Today, right now, at 9:53 AM pacific standard time is the time for you to start preparing for your family to live thru this shit these stupid motherfuckers are preparing.

It may not be  possible to live thru this shit, but I'm gonna try. 

Jesus H Christ what a mess this country has become.


  1. I tried to buy iodine pills at Walliemart, a few months back. No luck
    She instructed me to check online. I didn't bother. I've avoided buying ANYTHING online. For the last two years. Yep, it hasn't been easy. But it IS a whole lot less stressful.

    Living in the moment, shopping in the atomic (bought a Nintendo Switch, at the Pawn Shop yesterday. Without any cash. Just a bunch of stuff to trade That in years past, I would have listed on eBay).

    Instant gratification!

    1. Iodine pills might be hard to find anywhere except online. Maybe a military surplus, not sure.

  2. One more thing to consider: if one does not have a thyroid gland, don't bother with iodine pills. Lots of folks don't have 'em.

    1. Correct, they are to be taken only to prevent radioactive iodine from going to the thyroid. They do not affect any other radioactive substance.