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Monday, October 3, 2022

I don't want to move. I like living here.

 Gov. Newsom To Lower Gas-Prices With Gas Tax-Hikes

I imagine this post will be full of foul language, so be forewarned.

Fuck gavin newsom. Fuck joe biden. Fuck all democrats. Fuck all republicans. Fuck everybody.

This is bullshit. Anydamnbody stupid enough to believe taxing the oil companies with windfall taxes will lower gas prices is too stupid to breathe and will fall over dead any second now.

From the article:  Californians are paying a $1.41 federal and state tax markup on $3 bucks of crude.

Average gas price here over 6 a gallon. At the cheap Beacon gas station here in the little burb where I live 87 octane regular is $5.93 gallon.

Fuck joebiden. And especially fuck gavin newsom. That sonofabitch could very well be our next president. The dems have already got the well oiled election stealing machine in motion, and the goddamn stupid fucking republicans are twiddling their thumbs. Placing one thumb in their ass and sucking on the other thumb. Then every minute they switch places with the thumbs. Stupid fucks.

I don't want to move, I like living here. But at this rate I may be forced to move to a lower price state simply to be able to afford to drive my wife to her doctor appointments.


  1. You don't know it yet Fred, but you have already made up your mind. I mulled it around in mine, for at least half a dozen years. Before moving to small town AZ, a year ago.

    Though I lived in Santa Clarita ("safest city in America."!), thirty miles from downtown L.A.. I actually had to actively throw down, nearly EVERY single day!

    The last time? I emptied my pepper canister. Clowny wasn't dissuaded in the least. Out came my blade, same deal. After five minutes of yammer, and him pretending he had a piece in his bag? He finally figured out he was going to eat steel if he advanced.

    Who needs that sh*t?

    1. Nobody needs that. So far where I am at, I have not encountered that. My problem at the moment is californias penchant for escalating bullshit.

  2. I have a really nice little house here in California that I've been fixing up over the last decade. I have great neighbors or either side of me, and yet, about once a week, in my head, I prioritize what goes into the moving van first.

    1. I hear ya. I don't want to leave, I really do like it here.

    2. You and Mike are gluttons for punishments....

    3. Cederq: I've been looking at real estate in Nevada. But I'm going to have to hire a mover this time. That gun safe won't roll up the ramp by itself!

    4. Sell it and buy two bigger ones when you get there.