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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kamala Harris is a racist


This stupid bitch kneepads harris is a racist of the highest order. Course, all democrats are. Racist that is.

Lookit. This hurricane tore hell across an area that has a bunch of white people, some got money, some don't I guess.

But that don't matter to kneepads. She says we gots to have equity of outcome. So she says federal dollars will be directed to communities of color.

Say what? My broke down white ass ain't good enough to get money to rebuild my brokeass house that racist hurricane knocked down?

The fuck you say. You think those brokedown black people and brokedown brown people worked any goddamn harder to build their shit as white people did???

Fuck you bitch.

Kamala Harris Promises Equity in Hurricane Recovery Resources: ‘Not Everybody Starts Out at the Same Place’ 


  1. To be racist you have to have some level of awareness of
    life and reality. She fails at that. It's like she has brain damage
    from being smacked in the cranium Willie Brown's

  2. That dude is one of the ugliest people in the world. So that had to be for political advancement.

  3. Democrat strategy is to lie knowing they lied and knowing you know they lied and never straying from that strategy. From experience they know it works on millions of emotional reacting voters. Democrats are in the game to win at any cost while the Republicans want to get along, not make waves and collect their pay checks.